Dick Harthoorn

While he was working in that position, Dick was asked to become Commercial Director of Auto Lease Holland (ABN-AMRO, later incorporated into Lease Plan), where the portfolio was more than doubled in 4 years.
It became apparent here as well that an overall concept worked better and generated more profit than simply offering low lease prices for standard products.

Then followed the switch to various management positions at Achmea. Dick was the “face“ of the “Just call Apeldoorn“-concept („Even Apeldoorn bellen“) of Centraal Beheer, with the whole approach being clearly different from the rest of the insurance market.

Processes were kept as simple as possible, which made communication much better and cost-effective and, what´s more, this made the customers feel good and well-protected - a principle Dick believed in (and still does). By acting this way, Achmea has developed into the largest insurance company in the Netherlands.

For 14 years, Dick was - among other things - Director of Centraal Beheer Commercial Lines, Centraal Beheer Private Lines, Achmea Pensions (including the PVF Synergy Pension Fund, now Syntrus) and Executive Chairman Achmea Corporate Accounts for the most important international relations across all Achmea brands.

In addition, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of CB Belgium, co-founder of Wagenplan (joint venture leasing company with the Athlon Group) and member of the Eurapco Employee Benefits Board in Zurich (part of Eureko) and of Achmea in the Supervisory Board of CarGarantie (a joint venture with the German car insurance insurer).

Eventually, his own entrepreneurship was raised: after one year as interim CCO of Mercer Benelux, Dick invested time and money in a number of companies and supervisory functions. In addition to his own Storm Company, Dick has been acting as an Advisory Board Member/Partner at Qien (Financial and ICT Detector), an Advisory Board Member at Today's Group (Low Cost Internet Asset Manager/Broker) and until recently as Independent Chairman of the Volkswagen/ Audi Dealer Council The Netherlands.

His enthusiasm for innovative, clear concepts made him one of the founders and the CEO of as well as one of the partners in Arrow.