100% independent and the best advisor in the


area of customer loyalty and warranty concepts,


that's what we are.





Arrow offers integrated solutions: no standard-, but tailor-made customized solutions that provide transparent management information, claims settlement and personal service at top level.

Our expertise is unmatched - Together we can boast of 65 years of experience in all our relevant areas. We do not want to be the biggest player but the best. Scope is definitely important, but our success is based on independence, speed, flexibility and our vast experience in the automotive and retail market. Partners in the industrial sector, such as in shipping or solar energy, also benefit from our network. We use all our resources, our people, our minds, our network and of course our courage to deliver the best results time after time.
This is the reason why we set up our business form. We are an international co-operative, and in that sense we do not talk about relationships between clients and suppliers, but between and among partners. The co-operative offers many legal and fiscal benefits that give the participating partners additional profits. We only do business on a very long-term basis, which is why we also only work with reputable national and international providers that support our philosophy.

Innovate and work smarter

The idea of the co-operative comes from England and dates back to the 18th century, when citizens built factories for goods they needed. In the Netherlands, there have been many agricultural co-operatives, for example for dairy processing or lauching products together. Today, many co-operatives are set up by service providers and there are also co-operatives with a social purpose.
Our partner De Coöperatie expert has eleven consultants throughout the Netherlands who are happy to help. 'Collaborations that work', that's our motto. Nobody is bothered by long discussions about statutes or voting rights. However, a co-operation must be well-organized. That's why we help you with clear information. We work with clear models and explain the various choices to you in our conversations.

On the basis of our independence and in line with the principles of prudent businessmen, we work together with and for you.

Would you like to know more about the way we work?

Just invite us and we will explain it to you over a good cup of coffee.


“We do not consider a guarantee as an insurance, but as a tool to provide our partners with more profitable sales and an even better image.”



What services do we offer you?


  • Customer loyalty concepts

  • Warranty programs

  • Mobility services

  • Optimization of after-sales activities including employee training

  • Service- and maintenance products for new and used cars, ships, motorcycles, scooters, bikes etc.


Up-to-date mobility concepts!


What service can you expect from us?


  • Development of new concepts

  • Creation, Controlling and implementation of improved processes

  • In-house training of sales- and after-sales staff

  • Proactive sales support

  • Monitoring of results

  • Optimization of ways of thinking and of working methods

  • Reduction of administration and thus of costs

  • Retention of independence


This is how we guarantee our consistent quality!



  • Collaboration with specialists who have a sound knowledge of your industry

  • Participation in a co-operative, if desired

  • Payment in (monthly) installments in case of unexpectedly high repair costs

  • Exclusivity for your customers

  • No-claim refund as additional income (quality bonus)

  • You determine your own income with the help of a customized product, up to 20% extra

  • Target groups are holdings, dealers, franchise organizations with a clear commitment and an active cooperation in the field of customer loyalty




dick harthoorn

Dick Harthoorn

+31 6 460 10 632

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Dick Harthoorn (1959) has more than 35 years of experience in the financial and automotive sector. Starting as a trainee at Centraal Beheer, he climbed the career ladder quickly. After working as a business insurance advisor, he was the manager of special insurance concepts for the leasing automotive market and, with Centraal Beheer, he conquered more than 60% of the market share in this growth market.

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bernd krüger

Bernd Krüger

+31 6 308 64 775

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Bernd Krüger (1966) was born and raised in Germany, where he grew up with technology and service. At an early age, he started his career as a technician in his own family business, an OPEL dealership, and subsequently he switched to the commercial side. His profound technical education, together with his sound knowledge of commercial issues, made Bernd attractive to Tenneco Automotive, which he became Area Manager of.

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